PT. Aquaria Prima

PT. Aquaria Prima having line of business to provide offshore drilling services and general Supplies for oil and gas operations support. Our company is operates under ISO 9000 compliance in order to provide a good quality work and reliable services to Customer's satisfaction and in line with all applicable quality standard on Health, Environment and Safety standard, Laws and Regulations and also respected to the highest standard business ethics.

PT. Aquaria Prima established in 1978 and the company has served number of Oil and Gas companies in Indonesia by providing services such as wireline, well testing and other related services such as to supply of equipments, machineries.

Ever since its founding, PT. Aquaria Prima has been in association with Flopetrol International SA, and has enjoyed the reputation of being one of the Indonesian’s leading firm in Wireline, Well Testing, Drill Stem Testing and other related services. As of May 1991, Flopetrol International SA has been integrated into parent company resulting the end of our association with Flopetrol International SA.

PT. AQUARIA PRIMA has also been representing several Asian, European and US Companies for supply of equipment, machineries and its after sales/technical services.

Concurrently on December 1983 by Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Foreign Investment Coordinating Board has given the approval for a Joint Venture Agreement between :
Zapata North Sea Inc and PT. Aquaria Shipping (PT. Aquaria Shipping being sister company of PT. Aquaria Prima).
The joint venture company was named PT. Aqza Dharma.

Prior to beginning operations of PT. Aqza Dharma in 1988, Zapata operated their Rigs in Indonesia directly and had PT. Aquaria Shipping as their Agent.
PT. Aquaria Prima’s share in the joint venture activities are mainly in liaison with Government agencies such as the Directorate General Oil & Gas, Customs, the State Oil Company Pertamina, the Department of Manpower and the Immigration Office. Since late 80’s until last year, PT Aqza Dharma has 2 (two) Offshore Jack Up Drilling Rigs in operation in the North Java Sea under contract with Maxus SES and more lately to CNOOC South Sumatra BV.

PT. Aquaria Prima expans

In December 2002, for a variety of sound legal and commercial reasons, PT. Aquaria Prima expanded their role in representing Diamond Offshore’s interest to encompass activities previously undertaken by the joint venture company PT. Aqza Dharma. This notably includes participation in and co-ordination of tender activity. In the event of contract award the drilling agreement entered into by PT. Aquaria Prima is supported by an operating agreement with a wholly owned subsidiary of Diamond Offshore under which the Diamond Offshore entity performs all contractual obligations of PT. Aquaria Prima under said drilling agreement.

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PT. Aquaria Prima

CEO: Mr. G.D. Parengkuan
Director: Mr. Arif Sjoekri
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Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.

Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. as the Parent Company has acquired the companies Zapata and Arethusa and is operating in Indonesia as Diamond Offshore Netherlands BV.

This new mode of operation registered its first success with the award of a long term contract for the Rig Ocean Baroness deepwater semi-submersible by Unocal Indonesia in 2002. More recently, the Ocean Sovereign was awarded drilling contracts by Amerada Hess (Indonesia-Pangkah) Ltd., Santos Sampang Ltd and Premier Oil for operations in Indonesia waters completing its program at the end of October 2004 and operating for Santos Sampang, Amerada Hess and Anadarko until June 2006. Nowadays still operating under terms of contract with KODECO Energy Indonesia in offshore Madura for 18 months term program.

We also have Awarded Drilling Contract with Inpex Indonesia for semi-submersible Rig “Ocean General” starting this year March 2007 up to November 2007 working at Masela Blok, Timor Sea and after that operating for Total Indonesie, Saliki Block, Kalimantan.

Additionally, in the last six years the Diamond Offshore semi-submersibles Ocean General, Ocean Bounty and Ocean Epoch have all operated in the former Timor Sea – Joint Authority Zone of Cooperation between Australia and Indonesia.

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Diamond Offshore Netherlands BV

Unit 2, Turner Avenue
Bentley, Western Australia WA 6102
Phone : + 61-8-6363-8900
Fax : + 61-8-6363-8998
Director Contracts and:
Marketing Asia Pacific
Mr.Kane Liddelow
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