Diamond Offshore

Diamond Offshore provides comprehensive drilling services to the energy industry around the globe. Diamond Offshore owns and operates one of the world’s largest fleet of offshore drilling rigs, Consisting of 32 Semi-submersibles, 14 jack-up rigs and 1 deep water Drill ship.

The company’s headquarters are in Houston, Texas supported with offices in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Scotland, Singapore, Vietnam and West Africa, Approximately 4.100 personnel are employed on Diamond Offshore rigs and shore based offices.

Diamond Offshore is committed to operate at the highest possible level of operational integrity, while emphasizing exemplary performance in the areas of health safety, environmental protection, and regulatory compliance. To achieve its mission and goals in regard, Diamond Offshore created the Global Excellence Management System (GEMS), a multifaceted Health, Safety Environmental and Quality program aimed at continuously improving our policies, processes an performance outcomes.

Its prime objective is to meet or exceed customer expectations, while maintaining the highest health, safety and environmental standards, At the core of GEMS is an easy-to-use electric management system that reinforces consistency of approach and application of best practice throughout our worldwide operations. The system to incorporates all of the company’s manuals, policies and procedures and links the system of regulatory and customer requirements. The GEMS program augments our ongoing efforts to Diamond Offshore as the premier offshore drilling contractor in the world.


The acquisition by Diamond M Corporation of ODECO Drilling Inc. in 1992 created what was then the largest offshore drilling fleet in the world, Diamond M-Odeco. In 1993 the company was renamed Diamond Offshore. In April 1996, Diamond Offshore successfully completed another merger with Arethusa (Offshore) Limited. In the merger, Diamond Offshore acquired not only eight semi-submersibles and tree jack-up rigs, but also the valuable reputation, experienced employees, and market relationships of Arethusa.

Diamond Offshore today

The company has operations in the gulf of Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, West Africa, Brazil and the North Sea and employs approximately 4,000 men and women worldwide.

The corporate offices in Houston, Texas provide the necessary technical and administrative support services to our offshore operations around the world. Likewise, a major warehousing and distribution facility serves Diamond Offshore’s global activities from New Iberia, Louisiana. Operations are managed on regional level trough area offices in Scotland, Brazil and Australia.

Capability Matched with Experience

With a fleet diverse in class and geographic location, Diamond Offshore has operated in every international drilling market, including the environmentally “hostile” areas of the North Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Straits of Magellan, South China Sea and the Bass Strait of Australia as well as environmentally sensitive areas such as offshore California, the Black Sea and the Garden Banks area in the Gulf of Mexico

Diamond Offshore owns and operates one of the world’s largest fleets of offshore drilling rigs, with a particular emphasis on semi-submersibles – the preferred deepwater tool. Diamond Offshore competes in the world’s major offshore oil and gas regions, offering a full range of drilling services to the energy industry. The diverse fleet includes 30 semi-submersible rigs, 14 jack-ups and an ultra deepwater dynamically positioning (DP) drill ship.

The company’s semi submersible units perform in marine environments ranging from moderate to severe, and in deep water depths up to 7,500 feet using conventional mooring of dynamic positioning. The company’s ultra deep water DP drill ship can operate in depths to 7,500 feet. Diamond Offshore has jack-ups capable of drilling in water depths from 15 to 350 feet. A proactive and ongoing upgrade program for units within our feet has kept our units constantly abreast of the novel (and proven) technologies that have transformed the face of modern drilling.

Whether it be setting new water depth operating records in the Gulf of Mexico, drilling HPHT wells in the North Sea or drilling in logistically challenging areas such as offshore Bulgaria, Diamond Offshore has proven its ability to develop and apply proprietary technology in fulfillment of our quest to provide superior drilling services to customers worldwide and maintain its status as the premier drilling contractor in the offshore provinces of the world.

Asia Pacific operations
Diamond Offshore General Company in Perth, Western Australia is responsible for drilling and marketing activities in India South East Asia, China and Australasia
The company has operated in all major drilling theatres within Asia over the last 15 years including Australia Cambodia, China, India Indonesia Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand and Vietnam and has the historical knowledge and required support organization to handle the challenging logistical operations within this region.

Diamond Offshore currently operate 2 jack-ups and 4 semi-submersibles (including our newly upgraded 7,000 fsw “fifth generation” Ocean Baroness) in the Asia Pacific. Additionally, we are currently upgrading another semi submersible to an ultra-deepwater, completions-focused capability
GEMS Program signals emphasis on continual improvement
May 1993 saw the company implement a new quality management program designed to improve every facet of diamond Ofsshore’s current operations. GEMS, the Global Excellence Management System. GEMS is a comprehensive quality assurance program with roots in four decades of offshore experience and major multinational research study undertaken by Diamond Offshore in 1993 Research findings confirmed the importance of safety, crew quality, superior equipment, preventive maintenance and other factors in providing a first class service to customers, to maintain our overall industry leadership today and in the years ahead.

To cater for the special requirements of our markets and as part of GEMS philosophy, Diamond Offshore regional office in Scotland achieved accreditation to ISO 9002 in 1994. Asia Pacific office in Perth, Australia achieved accredition to ISO 9002 in 1995.

The GEMS effort, its performance standards and incentive programs, addresses all aspects Diamond offshore global operations. The goal of GEMS is to enhance every facet of one of the world’s largest and most diverse mobile offshore drilling fleet.